Resources Related to Fermi Questions


Fermi Questions
Brief explanation as to what a Fermi question is and a list of 33 Fermi questions

Fermi Questions
A few more Fermi questions

Fermi and Circumference of the Earth
An explanation of Fermi's simple and intuitive way to deduce the circumference of the earth.

Neat Physics Facts
More Fermi Questions

Data Powers of Ten
The following list is a collection of estimates of the quantities of data contained by the various media. Each is rounded to be a power of 10 times 1, 2 or 5. Most of the links are to small images.

Fermi Event
Description of rules for a Fermi competition for students.

Where are They?
Discussion of a "Fermi Paradox" and the search for extraterrestial life.

Enola Gay Perspectives - Enrico Fermi
Brief biographical sketch with references to Fermi's work.

Enola Gay Perspectives - Development of First Atomic Bomb
The development of the atomic bomb (known as the Manhattan Project) was quite an arduous task. The work that was completed by the scientists was of a monumental proportion. The project represented a large portion of the Gross National Product at that time ...

Technical Layout of Los Alamos
Schematic drawing of the Los Alamos Lab complex

Los Alamos 50 Years Ago
Why was Los Alamos needed and makeup of Manhattan Project team.

Enrico Fermi - Neutronic Reactor
Brief biographical sketch of Enrico Fermi.

Enrico Fermi
Brief biographical mention.



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