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Part of a series of five-week thematic unit plans designed to create interdisciplinary approaches to mathematics education, this unit is inspired by a search for new models of ratio. Rhythmic Patterns are used to introduce a thematic unit that prompts student generated projects and investigations, and a consolidating finale -- an archaeology of the previous weeks -- that serves to identify and celebrate the mathematics learned.

Rhythmic patterns are also used in this unit to foster a curriculum that enables each student to assume at least three positions vis-avis the mathematics they are learning: a) student as mini or apprentice mathematician; b) student as citizen mathematician (reading the newspaper, responsible consumerism, etc.); c) student as (dehumanized?) subject of the mathematics.

What is a Rhythmic Pattern?

Your Hosts define and discuss some ideas about rhythmic patterns and ratios.

What is a Five-Week Unit?

Rhythmic Ratios - Introduction and Observations

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