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July 6-11, 1998 - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

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José Luis Abreu - Online Participant

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Barcelona, Spain

José Luis Abreu is a Java progammer with a background in Math (a Ph.D. from MIT). He taught math at the university level for 15 years at the University of Mexico, UNM, and Michigan State, and has always been interested in the teaching of Mathematics; however, 10 years ago he left the University to work independently developing software for different companies. Thus he is not directly associated with any particular educational institution, although some of his clients have been educational institutions, in particular the Spanish Ministry of Education.

His current interest is to develop tools to help teachers include interactive activities in educational Web pages (not restricted to math). The Spanish Ministry of Education is supporting his project. He hopes that it might be of interest to onsite participants in the Forum's Summer Institute to collaborate with someone who is interested in developing tools, particularly applets, for the enrichment of educational Web pages.

A Web version of Abreu's project, Prometeo - Educación interactiva en la red, offers a main page in Spanish with an English version accessed through the British flag. The project consists in the development of applets that can be useful in education. Abreu has already developed some applets specifically for math, e.g. to explore the Mandelbrot set, to study the regular polyhedra, and to draw function graphs and 3D surfaces. He considers these only samples of what can be done.

To see how Abreu's applets can be integrated into lesson plans on the Web, see his collaboration with Suzanne Alejandre in their joint Interactive lesson pages: Studying Polyhedra and Studying Mandelbrot Fractals. He would like to explore the possibility of similar collaborations with other Institute participants.

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