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Dynamic HTML is a web programming technique that can make HTML pages become an arena for movable and changeable text and graphics. The standard HTML page is a static document with little control over how text and graphics can be displayed. That is, relatively speaking, when compared to DHTML's method of designating text and images an exact pixel location, and also DHTML ability to layer images object and change layers and positions. These are the good things.

The drawback however are large and troublesome. The languages of the web have become torn with browsers supporting some (most) tags differently. Well with Dynamic HTML the browser companies have reached a new level. DHTML is currently only supported by one browser Or the other. Coding that works on Netscape will not work on Internet Explorer at all. This makes it very difficult to rely on this language for any of your pages since you may not know the browser your visitors will be using.

This situation is only hopefully a temporary one. The two largest browser companies, Netscape and Microsoft, have promised future support for a standard that is currently being decided by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

In the meantime, it is worthwhile to see what is possible using Dynamic HTML and the browser of your choice. Choose from the resources below:

DHTML Resources for both browsers

DHTML Explorer Resources

DHTML Netscape Resources

Take a look at the experiments Jim Kearns is working on!

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