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July 6-11, 1998 - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

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Uniquity - a get-acquainted game

This game was a great ice-breaker!

To get to know each other, after lunch on Monday the group went on a 'find the person' scavenger hunt. In preparation, Annie Fetter gathered one 'uniquity' (unique fact) for each person, and made up a chart to write the names of the corresponding people.

Here are the directions:

Try to match each person with one of the items below. You may not ask direct questions but must find a way through a "getting-to-know-you" conversation that reveals the match.


Item - all seven of my siblings and both parents are doctors.

Questions: Hi, my name's... Where are you from?... Did you always think you'd be a teacher?... What plans did your parents have for you?

Rather than: Are all your siblings and parents doctors?

Without asking direct questions, we talked with each other and found who belonged to each uniquity. When we were finished, the chart looked like this:

Person in Room"Uniquity"
Margaret My ancestors owned the land on which the battle of Beaverdam was fought, which has led to my interest in genealogy, which I now pursue on the web.
Sarah I love symmetry. I have a Van Cort gadget.
John I placed fourth in the Maryland state track meet in the shot put.
Becky I decided to become a vegetarian in preschool and have been one ever since.
Ron I was part of a line dancing team demonstrating at the County Show this year.
Bobbie I have seven children, all living at home.
Annie I'm related to William the Conqueror.
Steve I tried to build a better mousetrap for Colombian mice.
Jon I once sank a boat in a river. I cannot reveal the name of the river, however. The river's name would be a hint.
Suzanne I like to make homemade pizza dough.
Sorelle I lived in Ghana (West Africa) for 5 months.
Richard I hand-counted and classified over 5,000 ants from four different species in Kenya.
Dave I am a recovering pacifist with the tattoo to prove it.
Rob I've been known to cross stitch.
Mel I took entomology in college and I love insects.
Evan My ears do not curl.
Ken In my earlier days as a Video Jedi, I created such masterpieces as an unauthorized U2 video, and a short horror movie about a retired plumber: "Plunger Man."
Bob I coached Clemson to the 1990 Lacrosse Championship.

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