3-D Drawing and Geometry

by Cathi Sanders

A Math Forum Summer Institute Project

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Wherever we look, we see three-dimensional shapes. Buildings, furniture, plants, even people themselves: all are solid objects. Whenever we look at the world around us, we see it in three dimensions: length, width and height. Drawings that are created to represent the idea of these three dimensions are often called "3-D drawings."

When you take a photograph like the one below, you capture these three dimensions on the flat plane of the photographic paper or on the computer screen.

This beautiful house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, perhaps America's most well-known architect. The house is called Falling Water and was built over a waterfall in Pennsylvania. If you would like to learn about Frank Lloyd Wright and see more of his architecture, visit Donald Reed Chandler's page of Frank Lloyd Wright sites on the World Wide Web.

In this geometry unit you will see some different types of 3-D drawings, and learn how to do these drawings yourself. You will also explore many interesting careers that use these techniques, from architecture to movies.

The following sections on 3-D topics are best understood when done sequentially, but you may explore them in any order that interests you.


[The Geometry of 3-D Drawing]
[Isometric Drawings]  [Oblique Drawing]  [Perspective Drawing]
[Careers in 3-D Drawing]  [A Drawing Project]

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