3-D Drawing and Geometry

by Cathi Sanders

A Math Forum Summer Institute Project

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Careers in 3-D Drawing

Architects often use CAD (Computer Aided Design/Drafting) to create 3-D images of their ideas for houses, as in this example:

To learn more about CAD images of architecture, visit Dario Galimberti's page, Architettura dei Maestri - Models - The Masters' architecture.

Many artists use perspective in their paintings. This painting, by Fra Carnevale (1445-1484), is called The Annunciation, and is part of the collection of the National Gallery of Art.

Movie studios employ a variety of artists, designers, and computer experts to create amazing special effects:

Many movies have their own Web pages with movie information and photos, such as this poster for the movie "Deep Impact."

There are many other careers available for people who can draw and design, from Advertising and Graphic Design to Architecture and City Planning.


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