Technology Wednesday

Assignment #1: Internet Scavenger Hunt

The following assignment is designed to give you experience searching for items on the internet. You will answer the questions on the internet scavenger hunt site called Science Is For Girls. (You can click directly on the title to go to the site.) There are questions there for you to answer. The intention is for you to find the answer by going to their directed site and searching for the answer. To go to their directed site, you simply click on the blue key words which will take you to another site. You search for the answer in the new site. NO CHEATING!!! If you know the answer to the question please go to the site anyway to check it out.

To receive credit for your assignment, you must turn it in to Melanie Sprouse no later that October 6.  You must include the answers to the questions, the address to the page in which you found the answer and a written evaluation of your experience searching for answers on the internet.