Tredyffrin Easttown School District
August 20, 2009


  Let's Do Math - introducing the PoW to a class

student mode
    3128: Women's Walkway (without the question)
teacher mode

  Let's Do Math - on paper

student mode
    2768: The Oracle's Oration
    Activity Series Student Handout
teacher mode
    noticing and wondering discussion
    student solution activity
teacher resources
    Scoring Rubric
    Activity Series
    Online Resource Page

  Individual/Pair tasks - time to:

- set up your teacher account if you haven't done it yet
- explore Write Math, Library, Current Problems
- submit to a problem trying the text entry features
- logout as a student, login as a teacher, try mentoring features
- ask one of us to step you through any of these ideas
- ...other ideas?

  Math Tools


  Let's Do Math Again!

In pairs,
- select a problem from the 2008-2009 Season
- view the Packet and Activity Series
- prepare to use in a classroom with students

Each pair presents an overview of what they did referring to specific features in the Packet and/or Activity Series.

  Next Steps

    Your workshop web pages
    Math Forum Online PD Courses
    Your TESD private discussion


    Please take a moment to provide us with feedback.

Please email us with any questions.
Suzanne Alejandre and Mai Sidawi


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