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What Math Teacher

Strath Haven High School
Wallingford, Pennsylvania

Next year: Integrated I, III, IV, and Precalculus

Who Andy B

I currently teach at the high school level and enjoyed collaborating with others on how to bridge the gap between the theory and the application of high school math for students. Providing a real life context for many of the lessons in class allows students to see the interconnections of what they are learning and usually sneaks in some science principles as well, which the science department loves. This area of data collection is of special interest to me.

Data collection devices such as TI-83/4 and CBL2 present meaningful data for the students. From here it is up to us to offer rich questioning for students to analyze and interpret the results. Hammering out these questions is something I enjoy, much to the chagrin of some of my students. Another area I look forward to exploring further is the use of various calculator applications, specifically Cabri Jr., to continue the discovery process at the student level.


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