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My initial programming began in a special education classroom where programs were developed to enable measuring very small increments of progress. These programs would generate math problems, answers, which showed all the steps involved, and the count of steps involved. This enabled students to make progress without having to rely on just the right/wrong solution. A similar program was developed for spelling. Next was a gradebook program that allowed different assignments for different students. From these beginnings, programs (mostly BASIC) were developed to generate worksheets appropriate to a specific skill, or to demonstrate a particular event.

With the development of the Web, placing assignments and lesson plans on-line was next. The continuum of programs now included lesson plan generators and links to related materials. On-line grades/progress reports came next (PERL) along with some graphics based worksheets (fractions and long division). The in-class BASIC and VisualBasic programs are giving way to on-line JavaScripts and Swish movies (FLASH) and hopefully some JAVA programs will be on the horizon. My current classroom needs include a program for line plots and a combination of scripts/movies/web-pages that elucidate the development and relationship of point, length, area and volume.


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