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What Educational Resource & Service Developer
Where The Math Forum @ Drexel
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Who Suzanne

Before I joined the Math Forum staff in June of 2000, I taught middle school mathematics (and the computer elective classes) in an Internet-accessible Mac lab. I developed lessons that centered around the use of activities (kinesthetic, manipulative, cooperative), technology (the Web, software, or graphing calculators) and paper/pencil activities to formalize the mathematics. I believe strongly that all students can learn and I think the appropriate use of technology can empower students who are struggling mathematically.

Recently I've become interested in learning more about Palm OS handhelds. Using a Zire 71, I wrote an activity but without a classroom to try it in, it won't really be useful to anyone until I can find a collaborator to field test it. I'm also looking forward to working with folks to add to our collection of Technology PoWs (tPoWs). We only have two so far and it will be fun to have more in that area of Math Tools before the end of next week.


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