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An Introduction to Cabri 3D

Monday's Feature Event

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Jon Choate

Jon is a long-time teacher at the Groton School, in Groton, Massachusetts. To learn more about him, check out his Tool Fest '04 bio page.


This is a outline of this event.

Before 2 pm ET on Monday:

2-4 pm ET:

We had an online chat to discuss Cabri 3D and the exercises that Jon suggested. He also gave a few extra challenges during the conversation.

Read the transcript of our chat


The arrival of computer algebra systems and 3D construction programs will make the study of solid geometry far more accessible.

The arrival of good easy to use 3D construction packages such as Cabri 3D and SketchUp make it far easier to create and manipulate images of three dimensional objects. As has been the case with use of 2D constuction packages such as the Geometer's Sketchpad and Cabri, constructing the figure for a proof often leads to a proof.


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