Math Forum @ Drexel
The Philadelphia School
3:40 pm to 5:20 pm, Wednesday, April 27, 2005


explain all the steps taken to solve the problem
explain the steps in such a way that a fellow student would understand, and make an effort to check formatting, vocabulary, and spelling
check the answer, reflect on its reasonableness, summarize the process, and connect it to prior knowledge and experience

  Math Fundamentals

Current Problem
new problem every other week
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Math Fundamentals

  Ways to Use PoWs

supplement the core curriculum
extra credit
component of the core curriculum
aligned to math topics


Sheila and Chris will share the experiences they've had with mentoring.

  Some Specific Topics to Explore

parts of wholes
2755: Catching Up!
Parts of Wholes (full list)
Miracle Miranda and the Mascot
Statistics and Data Analysis (full list)
algebraic reasoning
3055: Birthday Trip
Algebraic Reasoning (full list)

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