AlgNet/GeoNet: A Union City School District Summer Enrichment Program
Using technology not simply to do things better, but to do better things.


Today we're going to do a brief introduction to the capabilities of Sketchpad, including a some algebra activities.

  1. "Getting to Know Sketchpad - Tour 1", from Geometry Activities for Middle School Students, ©1998 by Key Curriculum Press.
  2. "Getting to Know Sketchpad - Tour 2" (see above)
  3. "The Slope of a Line", from Exploring Geometry, ©1999 by Key Curriculum Press
  4. "Equations of Lines" (see above)
  5. "Tutorial IV - Loci and Graphing", from Workshop Guide for The Geometer's Sketchpad, ©1995 by Key Curriculum Press

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