Dwight Sykes

O'Farrell Community School


Hi, I'm a math teacher from San Diego at the O'Farrell Community School. O'Farrell is a charter school with one untracked advanced curriculum for all children. I have been teaching at the school for 5 years. I teach in a family that has approx. 155 students and 6 teachers with one support teacher. I teach 7th and 8th grade algebra/ pre-algebra. We use the algebra readiness diagnostic test from UCSD as a beginning tool for assessment , growth, and measurement. We are a restructured school with many partners in education. I am also the Youth Director/Minister at the Bayview Baptist Church. Sometimes I'm simply called "The Rev." I'm currently attending SDSU (2nd year) in the Administrative Leadership Program and I have worked in the LUMR Math Program, Emerging Thinkers, USI, and Upward bound at SDSU. I believe that technology is the key for the present and the future. Last year I taught Gencoe 7th grade and CPM for the 8th grade students. I'm not sure how much of each that will be taught in 97/98 after being exposed to the USI program. The weather out here is GREAT! Keep the faith!!!





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