Elizabeth Ahlgren

Morse High School


I'm Elizabeth Ahlgren from Morse High School in San Diego. I teach math at Morse High School, algebra 1 through trigonometry. I am also the chairperson of the mathematics department here as well as the MESA program advisor. We are working on developing curriculum related to our career paths and are particulary interested in incorporating technology and projects into our courses. If you have any ideas for projects relating to our career strands (engineering, science, hospitality/tourism, aviation/technology, world languages) I would appreciate hearing them.

After the first two days of the workshop here, I have this web page. Besides this, I am looking forward to learning new ways to use computers and the internet to enhance the student learning experience. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? I'm a 21 year veteran and have spent the last 12 years teaching here at Morse High School. Before that, I spent six years teaching at our feeder middle school and junior high school.

On a personal note, I have a dog named Buster. He is a 25 pound mutt. We found one another about 6 weeks ago and life is interesting with a 10 month old puppy.

Here's the tesselation I made using ClarisWorks and the directions from the Math Forum web page.

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Write to me at eahlgren@morsehs.com

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