Will Ormsby

Bell Junior High School

I am Will Ormsby. I am a 7th/8th grade math teacher at Bell Jr. High School in San Diego, CA. This is my second year teaching at Bell and I look forward to enhancing my curriculum through technology/internet. We recently acquired internet capability and I hope I can lead my math department comrades into this new endeavor. We are still in the middle of arranging a math lab with internet access. My concerns right now is how to find the class time to do technology. It seems that we have so much class time allocated to "required text" material that it is hard to fit the technology in. Does any one have any suggestions? I would appreciate the advice/info.



If you are interested in the web sites, I have visited and found useful.
Please check this out.

If you want to know to how I did my tesselation, please check this out. How to Tess.

Here is my project, Ultralights.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at wormsby@morsehs.com

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