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Since 1995, The Math Forum has held week-long institutes for educators from North America, England, and Australia. Early institutes were designed to build a core group of users for the Geometry Forum and the Math Forum. These programs resulted in some wonderful projects by participants, many of them presented on the World Wide Web.

Constructing Geometry on the Internet
Constructing Mathematics on the Internet
Developing Internet Mathematics Projects and Resources
Developing Mathematics on the Internet

More recent programs have been designed to bring teachers together as researchers and developers of projects that support teaching math effectively using software tools.

Educational Software Components of Tomorrow (ESCOT)
2001 || 2000 || 1999
Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications (JOMA)
Bridging Research and Practice (BRAP)
Math and Technology Tool Fest
2004 || 2005
Materials Development Institute
2007 || 2008
The Math Forum Enhanced Tools for Financial Literacy
Emerging Communities for Mathematical Practices and Assessment (EnCoMPASS)
2013 || 2014

Sum98: Human Graph Theory

Partcipants hard at work
at the Tool Fest

ESCOT group designing a problem

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