So It's not yet "Chez Annie"

[April 2004: Yes, this is really out of date. Someday I'll quit my job so that I have time to update my web page.]

I've been evicted from my former home, and haven't actually gotten the old page up over here yet. This will have to do for now (and I have new pictures of the cats that are extra cute!).

Long ago (three years!) I rode my motorcycle across the country. I haven't finished the pages yes but you can check out the pages I wrote while in Seattle in the middle of the trip. Yes, I will finish them someday, but for now just enjoy gazing at my motorcycle in various scenic places.

In my real life, I have cut off my long hair and continue to do math education on the Internet at The Math Forum, mainly being responsible for the Geometry Problem of the Week.

I know that many of you are interested in the names of my cats, so I'll add that back in here. Eukie and Ivan are extremely cute brothers. Eukie is short for Euclid (the geometry guy) and Ivan is short for Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky, who was the first person to publish something that said that Euclid might not be entirely right about everything.

The boys, shortly after shredding a bag of catnip they got for Christmas.

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19 November 1999