Actual written comments from students about Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week:

This was a fun problem to work on. I hope you make more problems like this one.
Matthew, age 9

I think that all of the problem of the weeks are better than p.e.I like math problems so much because of what you have tought me.I love what you have done with math.
Zachary, age 8

When ever I do a problem of the Week, I get so happy my friends have to calm me done alot.You make the problems so hard they are fun.I love it when you use animals and toys.Keep it up like this ,I am going to be your number one fan of doing problems. You make math worth my time.
Zachary, age 8

I've been looking for some problems like these to use when tutoring younger math students, thanks.
Jaran, age 18

I think the hardest part was having one left over. I am pretty sure I found my answer in two days. I really like problems of the week. They are fun to solve.
Elizabeth, age 8

So we started to use the calculator and we were around 50 and one of us said they think they were getting close to the answer. So we started checking the 50’s very closely and one of us said, “I think I’m really close.” And then we found it we were jumping into the air screaming of joy and screaming out “the answer is 61.” So we found out the answer and that was 61.
Kenny, age 11

I want mine to be checked because I want to learn knew things and get smarter. I would like to improve in math and I think this will help! Plus my teacher is making us!
Aimee, age 12

I liked this problem because it is a problem that makes you think. It is one of the hardest problems this year because of the range of numbers involved in the problem.
Ben, age 9

I worked really hard to make this answer as perfect as I can. Please be honest as to what you write back and please give me some tips on what I can do to make it better.
Kayla, age 10

hello. i thought this pow of the week was pretty easy, but it was fun doing it. i can't wait until the next one.
Yoon, age 11

This problem was hard you really have to think and go deep into math. It really made my brain work harder than it usually works.
Allison, age 13

Thanks for running this wonderful site!
Sanjana, age 11

thank you for letting me do this it was a very complex problem and i had fun with it
Ross, age 12

Did I explain clearly enough? Did you feel like you were invited into my head?
Neela, age 11

I thought the problem was kind of easy. I wish I had started with a chart, but I finished with one!
Anna, age 8


Actual written comments from teachers about Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week:

I would like to do more of these with my class as they are good fun. I will work on the next ones and some older ones too.
Belfast, Northern Ireland

There is a lot I intuited, that I have to remember to teach!