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Starry Messenger

Conversions of Units

spreadsheet Solar System (.xls)
Variables, functions, graphs spreadsheet Free Fall Distances
Snowflake Bentley Geometry: symmetry Geometer's Sketchpad Snowflakes
Danny, Champion of the World Patterns, factors, squares Problem of the Week The Indecisive Gamekeeper
Grandfather Tang's Story Geometry: 2-D shapes, area, symmetry, spatial reasoning, congruency, similarity Problem of the Week Tangrams
Math Tools Virtual Tangrams
Spaghetti and Meatballs for All Geometry: area, perimeter Math Tools Virtual Pattern Blocks
Functions Problem of the Week
Math Tools
Teddy Bear's Banquet
Aesop's Fables Functions spreadsheet The Great Race
Counting on Frank Volume, rate, scale, proportion calculator
How Old is the Boy?
Where the Sidewalk Ends:  
"What's in the Sack?"
p 111
Volume, unit conversions, estimation calculator
Uncle Bob's Investigation (pdf)

p 35

"One Inch Tall"
p 55
p 69
"The Worst"
    Uncle Bob's Investigation (pdf)

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