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What are Problems of the Week?

Services currently available:

  • Primary PoWs – K–2, in the Problem Library only
  • Math Fundamentals (FunPoW) – content generally taught in grades 3 to 5
  • Pre-Algebra (PrealgPoW) – middle grades content
  • Algebra (AlgPoW) – high school Algebra I content
  • Geometry (GeoPoW) – high school Geometry content
  • Discrete Math, Trig, and Calculus – in the Problem Library only

Characteristics of PoWs

  • non-routine
  • constructed response
  • emphasis on communication
  • involve rich mathematical concepts
  • rubric-assessed
  • allow multiple solution paths
  • challenging
  • lead to deeper understanding
  • allow for collaboration

Teacher Support Pages (in a new window)

  • link to Enhanced Problem Packet for Teachers and Activity series [downloadable pdf files]
  • key topics and concepts addressed in the problem
  • links to other related problems in the Problems Library
  • links to related content in the Ask Dr. Math archives
  • links to Math Tools which can help with the problem
  • links to related discussions in the Teacher2Teacher archives

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Current Problems of the Week
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20 problems each year in each service

Link to calendar available from each problem page

  1. Problems are available for preview Thursday am before going live.
  2. Problems go “live” Monday am.
  3. Problems are open for first submissions for two weeks.
  4. Submissions may be revised through Thursday midnight – highly recommended!
  5. Sample solutions with commentary appear Friday morning.
  6. Early in following week Gold and Silver lists appear with more solutions (in a new window).

Mentoring (for current problems only) :

  • What happens?
  • Mentoring by groups available when * in calendar
  • Research shows the value of revision.
  • Student-friendly Scoring Rubric
  • Guaranteed mentoring by Math Forum staff is available on a fee basis.

Problems of the Week Library
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  • Over 800 past problems
  • Browsable by service and topic
  • Most have Teacher Support Pages and student solutions.
  • Numbered for easy reference

Write Math with the Math Forum
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  • A lens for finding problems in the Library aligned to state standards and popular published curricula
  • Browsable by state, curriculum and lesson
  • Most have Teacher Support Pages and student solutions.

The Math Forum FunPoW Scoring Rubric in kid-friendly language:

Claire's help for PoW users (opens in a new window)

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