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Integrating Across the Curriculum – Math, Science, Literature and Technology

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Technology That Supports Teaching and Learning
[from Technology Making a Difference, TERC]

Effective, Appropriate Technology Integration —

  • aligns with local, state and national standards
  • is accessible to and meets the needs of all learners
  • identifies clear identifiers of achievement

It makes use of strategies that are —

  • Learners interact with an environment.
  • Learners manipulate objects in that environment.
  • Learners observe the effects of their interventions.
  • Learners construct their own interpretations.
  • Learners explore.
  • Learners construct models to explain observations.
  • Multiple solutions to problems are accepted.
  • Errors are used to clarify and refine knowledge in the activity.
  • Learners build on prior knowledge.
  • Learners articulate the learning goals.
  • Learners explain what they are doing and/or the strategies they use.
  • Learners explain how they find answers.
  • Learners manage and/or monitor their own learning.
  • Tasks are meaningful and real world.
  • Tasks are presented in a case-based or problem environment.
  • Connections are made to community/state/world outside of school.
  • There is a personal connection to learning.
  • Learners work in groups to complete a common task.
  • The task requires communication.
  • Individuals have separate roles or responsibilities.

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