Eugene A. Klotz

I'm Gene Klotz, director of the Geometry Forum. I'm a professor of mathematics, and I've been at Swarthmore College so long I now teach children of former students. (Either I must like the place or I can't find a job elsewhere.) Recently, I've been teaching such things as second-semester calculus and several-variable calculus, and doing a bit to develop tools to help students visualize the subject.

My original mathematical work was in nonassociative algebras, but I seem to have lost the way. They'd better include such NSF proposals as "A Computer-Communications Forum for Geometry" and "Visual Geometry: A Multimedia Approach" in my Collected Works or it's going to look pretty thin. In fact, when I'm not doing email I seem to spend my time writing grant proposals, although I do teach classes once in a while (and even prepare for them, contrary to what you may have heard from my students).

In what is laughingly called my spare time, I like to listen to classical music (baroque and before), ultra-modern jazz, and far-out rock, such as Dr. Nerve (hey, their leader and guitarist reads the Forum).

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Gene Klotz
This is a genuine antique web page constructed by Gene Klotz in 1994.